Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Almond Butter is one of my favorite Nut Butter to have for Breakfast and before my Workouts.I tried making it  with my new Food Processor from Cuisinart and it turned out amazing.It does require a lot of Patience.I would definitely add some Honey or dates(Good Idea) next time at the end of the process maybe to sweeten a little bit.You can also make this in a Vita-mix using a Dry jar if you own one and after you scoop the almond butter out of the jar you can add some water and flavorings like extract to the leftover almond butter in the jar and make almond milk and this way no straining is necessary.I hope you guys give this a try and let me know how it turns out in the comment section.


2 cups Raw Whole Almonds(with skin)
1 tsp sea salt or as per taste
Food processor


Start with a nice clean dry bowl.

Add Almonds and 1 tsp sea salt to the food Processor and process until smooth and creamy,scraping the sides as often as needed.

Just keep going and allow the machine to run continuously until when you start to see the oil separates and continue to process until creamy.Taste and adjust salt and consistency to your liking.

Transfer to a  jar/container and enjoy this delicious and yummy Almond butter.Store up to 2 weeks room temperature in cool dry place.I bet that it won't last that long ☺☺